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$ Risk - Reward - Big Profits - Bitcoins Is Where It Is At! $

If you are looking for an opportunity to make money in in a short amount of time, trading cyber currency, specifically Bitcoins, is the way to go. With the wild swings in the cyber coin value, if you can get in at its low and ride it to its high you can make a lot of money fairly fast. Now I am not saying it is easy, with the wild swings Bitcoin makes, you need guts, some cash, (MONEY YOU CAN RISK) AND the ability to watch the market and buy at the right time.

Big Bitcoins swings are measured in months, not years, so by watching the market it will apparent when the Bitcoin market it weak. The hard part is not knowing when to get in, but to have the patience to wait for the Bitcoins to take off. Bitcoins have a tendency to drop down and stay low for a while without moving.

So far, the bitcoins market has ALWAYS gone up after a pause. The last move was from $3,000 to over $10,000. Even I was able to pick that one out. The drop to the current level, I believe, was unexpected because the Cyber market was supposed to be immune to the stock market.

No quiet. And I didn't think it would be either. It did what I thought it would. I dropped, but not like the stock market. And when as the stocks recover, so will the cyber market, but not as fast as the stocks.

The reason I favor buying Bitcoins is that the stock market has a lot of picks. By focusing on one item that tends to be volatile, you can concentrate your investment on one item have the best chance of being there when it goes up.

Now is probably a bit early to buy Bitcoins. I already went to almost $10,000 earlier this month, and will probably hoover around the $9,500 mark until the US elections this November.

The results of that election should have a BIG impact on which direction Bitcoins, and indeed, the cybercurrency market in general will head.

It could be one of the bigger jumps, but it will depend of two factors: The second term of President Trump and how fast the US Economy recovers.

How Can I Start Investing In Bitcoins?

Number 1 - You need a pile of cash laying around not doing anything that you can invest without needing it for a year or so.

Number 2 - You need a platform to trade from.

There are two of them that I like, eToro and Coinbase. Coinbase with the first one I used and was fairly happy with it until eToro opened up. As an investor, it is up to you to investigate both and decide which suits your needs. You cannot go wrong with either one, but for now I am going with eToro.

Number 3 - And most important, you need to buy in at the right time.

A Quick Look At Bitcoin Volatility

On December 2, 2018, Bitcoin Prices Bottomed Out At $3400. By July 1, 2019, Bitcoin Had rallied To Over $11,500. That's a $8,000 swing in 7 months. Bitcoin was a little over $9,000 when the COVID-19 panic hit, and the price dropped to $5,100 in one week.

Coronavirus Depresses Bitcoin Price From $11,000 To $5,100

By March, 2020, The COVID-19 virus panic dropped the BTC prices below $5,200. By May 8th, it was back to $9,000. These price swings, occurring over 3 months, was a great opportunity it was too make a substantial gain in an investment!

Bitcoin Price Jumps Back to over $9,000 By May!

If you had paid attention, you could have caught the upswing. I did and it wasn't that hard to predict. That is why bitcoins are a fast way to make a profit.

In the last two years alone, there were TWO opportunities to make a good return on you investment.
How high will it go? And will YOU be on that train?

More History - Bicoin At It's Infantcy

If You Had Invested $10,000


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It would be worth about $3,300,000


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 It would be worth about

In BITCOIN In 2011

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It would be worth about $135,480,000

Yes, Early Investments Paid Off - But How About Today?

The above chart started when cyber currency was at its infancy and had very little value. The market is a lot different now that at the beginning, meaning in the current market is not going to keep going up.

Today’s market is so much more volatile and seems to have a resistance from $14,000 to $18,000, with the average swing from $3,000 to $12,000.

It is between those swings that a person can make their money. While at times it may go to $18,000, waiting for it to top at that means you are likely to be disappointed and miss the high sell point.

The investor should be ready to sell as soon as the market starts showing signs of going sideways or stalling. You need to be prepared to sell and not wait for it to break out to $20,000 or more.

From what I have seen, the signals will be there and it usually steadies out at the high with enough of a pause that most investors would have time to get out before it loses value.

What Signals?

What are these signals? Well, that is the BIG question. Having studied this market for some time, it IS NOT just one thing, but different influences that drive it up or down. The markers that point to an up swing or downward trend are sometimes subtle and other times blatant. For instance, anyone could see the COVID-19 was going to slam ALL money markets. Only precious metals would benefit from it. Not all signals are so obvious, but they are there if you are looking in the right place.

What Are They

For now, I am keeping those signals for my private use. I am not trying to sell them (there is probably some US regulation against that anyway), but I will share some of them with anyone willing to share some of their insights with me.

Have insights you want to share? Contact Me HERE

Bitcoins! Maybe The Greatest RIsk/Reward Opportunity Ever!

The Bitcoin Train