May 21 - Bitcoin Hovers in the $9,000s

Bitcoins jumped to almost $10,000, then pulled back to over $9,000 as it waits to see if the US Economy rebounds under President Trumps direction. I do not think bitcoins will go up in the next few months. I believe investors are waiting for the results of the election in 2020. If President Trump is re-elected, watch for a big jump!

On a positive side, Venezuelas will be able to use cryptocurrencies to purchase goods through Cryptobuyeras of June this year. (

Stores that are connected will all use Mega Soft’s Merchant Server platform to process payments in BTC, Binance coin, Dai, Dash, Ether, Tether, and Cryptobuyer’s native token, XPT. Mega Soft processes around 18 million transactions per month in Venezuela.

As a side note, this move is intended to help move away from the dependence of the Dollar in hopes of easing their financial difficulties created by the tariffs imposed on them by the US and also reverse the upward trend of inflation. Good Luck with that.

May 8 - Bitcoin Nears $10,000

Looking Good! Bitcoins jumps to almost $10,000, and seems ready to cross that barrier. Helped along the news that bitcoins might split in the next month or two PLUS good news on the stock markets plus the USon the verge of letting US businesses go back to work, the world economy may be on the road to recovery.

The little pause at the mid $9,000s seems to want to go higher. As long as things stay positive, we can expect a slow rise in cyber coins.

May 1 - Bitcoin Jumps Up $1,000 And Stays There

Yikes. Bitcoins jumps to almost $9,000, and then drops a few hundred yesterday to hang around $8.700. Hit with the news that bitcoins might split in the next month or two PLUS good news on the stock markets plus the US beginning to rescind it's stay at home orders, things are looking up for the cyber marke

April 28 - Bitcoin Stabilizes In The Mid $7,500s

Bitcoins rallied to just over $7,700 and have paused there as investors wait to to if and when the world economy recovers from the COVID-19 panic.

Cyber currencies have proven that even they are susceptible the ups and downs of the world economy, but have shown to be a little more resilient than those who not believers in cyber currency.

Get ready, for I believe Bitcoins will be making a move in the next two weeks…and by a move, I believe is President Trump get the US Economy back on track, it will a positive one.

April 22 - Bitcoin Rally With Oil

Looks like the bitcoins market is tied a little closer to oil prices than previously thought. With an oil price pike, bitcoins rallied over $300. Even though the group think among bitcoin gurus is that bitcoins barely flinched at the earlier oil market crash, it really shows how important oil is in the real world.

The oil price collapse this week also shows how bad markets can be at reflecting what's already known until there's a hard reality check on supply and demand.   That might mean bitcoin traders won't know the price impact of the cryptocurrency's potential adoption as an inflation hedge until more mainstream investors actually start buying. 

April 21 - Bitcoin Rally Hesitates - Then Drops

The minor Bitcoin rally has stalled, then dropped at the news of the oil crash.

With the crash of oil prices, the world market is in panic. The only people happy with that is the idiotic environmentalist, as they celebrate the drop in oil. Of course the rest of the world realize that oil is the lifeblood of ALL economies of the world and effects the lives of all people who live in the real world.

This is almost like a one-two punch to the world economy. The outlook looks bleak for the immediate future. Look for panic selling and drop in bitcoin and stock market. Only gold has a chance to weather this storm, but even that seems to be a little soft right now.

One thing is for certain: The WHOLE WORLD is on the economic cliff, and unless someone decides to say enough of this phony COVID-19
Pandemic and lead the world to get back to a state of normalcy, it will continue.

Come On World, this is just a bad case of the flu. GO BACK TO WORK. (And kick the Chinese Government in the nuts for letting this virus loose on the world.)

April 19 - Bitcoin Stays Above $7,000

The minor Bitcoin rally is still heading upwards. Nothing spectacular, but it seems to be firming up. More than likely it is waiting to see if the World's economy is going to recover or crash. It will really depend on if the US Economy starts up soon.

With President Trump pushing for the US workers and business to re-open, the world is waiting for what track US economy with take. If it shows recovery, you can almost bet there will be a spike in Bitcoin prices.

April 16 - Bitcoin Rallies To Over $7,000

Bitcoins has began a minor recover from the coronavirus outbreak, bouncing back to over $7,000 on positive signs that COVID-19 is more scare tatics from experts whose models of world wide disaster are proving to be hogwash.

People are learning that while the virus is VERY infectious, it is nowhere the death sentence that those "experts" predicted.

Has the market recovered yet? Time will tell and it will be tied to how those in authority get some gonads and let businesses and people get back to the business of earning money.

What is clear is that Bitcoin prices broke through the $7,000 resistance barrier and, so far stayed there at the time of this writing.


The initial hit on Bitcoins from the coronavirus outbreak dropped bitcoin prices from just over $10,000 to just under $7,000, where they have been hovering since.

No one really knows where the prices are going since nobody knows how long the COVID-19 panic will last and how will it effect the world-wide market place - and that is of particular interest with the United States economy.

If Trump is able to kick-start its massive private sector and let them get back to work, there is a very good chance they will have a fast recovery. That will have a major impact on the world's economy and help dig the world out the hole the Chinese Government has dropped us into by their careless handling of the coronavirus they introduced into the Chinese (and then the worlds) population.

It doesn't matter how or why it happened, it only matters the world wide disaster they released on the world due to either their stupidity or carelessness. They owe the world in both in terms of an explanation and reparations. I don't think they really care what they caused, only how they can benefit from it.

It is truly an eye opening exposure of how dangerous their government is to the rest of the world.