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"GOLD and SILVER are MONEY. Everything Else Is Credit!
— J. P. Morgan

Why Invest In Gold?

Paper Money Is Just Paper!

Paper money is just that, paper with dead president's faces printed on the bill in a green tint. Those bills are called fiat currency. The value of fiat currency is dependent on the strength (economic) of the government that issues it (US Government), not its worth in gold or silver. In short, fiat money refers to any currency lacking intrinsic value that is declared legal tender by a government.

Gold: A Safeguard When the Market Crashes

A major event would depreciate the value of the dollar. Should there be no safeguards to keep it from depreciating further, most people will be left with nothing more than stacks and stacks of worthless paper money.

Think back a to earlier this year, when the markets tanked. People lost MILLIONS, almost overnight, but GOLD WENT UP!

That is the value of GOLD: To provided a hedge to a market downturn. While stock went up, gold prices not only held firm, but went up. Gold and Silver did what is always does during financial unstable times - provided a safety net for investors.

The demand for precious metals over the last few weeks has been unprecedented across the industry.

The speed at which demand has increased overnight and the measures taken by governments to combat the epidemic have paralyzed the production and logistics chains of refineries.

With that kind of pressure the Gold Market, Gold Prices may be poised to take a huge jump. Look at the
historical trend in gold prices and decide for yourself if you should be buying gold now.

Consider the Following:

Physical Gold Will NEVER Be Worth Zero
Gold will ALWAYS have value since it is a tangible asset that has real lasting value (as in 3,000 Years).

Gold Has A 3,000 Years Track Record.
Gold is the only form of money that has survived for over 3,000 years. For over 2,000 years, money was made of gold and silver. Since 3,000 BC, gold played an important role in ancient Egyptian mythology and was prized by pharaohs and temple priests

Fiat Based Money Systems All Have Failed!
Today, the entire world's monetary system is a fiat based model and, as all other money experiments based on faith, will FAIL. Historically, all fiat based experiments with non-convertible paper currencies last for an average of 27 years. Although the dollar is strong today, it still is an experiment based on the fiat money system and is already 40 years and may be coming to an end, as ALL fiat based systems have.

Gold Supply Is Limited
Demand is stronger than supply and with no new gold mines forecast in the future, supply is limited. Gold is difficult to find and extract in the real world. Today, only about 2,000 tons of gold are created per year. To put that number into perspective, about 10,500 tons of steel are produced in the United States every hour.

Hedge Against Inflation
Government's have demonstrated a inability to balance budgets with the net result will be the devaluation of their their currencies, thus generating inflation and the risk of hyperinflation.

“Massive weapons of destruction”, as Warren Buffett calls them) are destabilizing the banks’ financial health. They represent one quadrillion dollars, or 16 times the world’s GDP. The explosion of this time bomb could bring about the bankruptcy of the whole financial system.

Gold is Under-Valued
We are on the road to a hyper-inflationary period where money will be destroyed along with its purchasing power. Those holding dollars or any other form of paper currency will lose a significant part of their purchasing power. The “Gold/Dow Jones ” ratio allows us to see the level of gold valuation for the long term. Historically, gold is properly valued when the Gold/Dow Jones ratio is between 1 and 2.

So Who Should I Buy Gold From is your partner for physical gold/silver ownership and direct storage without intermediation.

We provide two services: Secured storage outside the banking system in your name (Singapore, Zurich, New York and Toronto) and Shipping.

KEY POINTS OF Gold Brokers

  1. Dedicated ownership of a choice of precious metals in the form of bars from LBMA-certified refiners or investment coins never circulated outside the professional market.
  2. A storage contract between the client and the independent secure storage company. Gold Brioker does not intervene in the gold ownership chain.
  3. Personal access to the secured vaults without anyone from our company having to be present. Appointments are possible during working hours, taken 48hrs in advance.
  4. Storage account in client’s name. Our company does not store on behalf of the client – no intermediation for storage. No risk of exposure to the bankruptcy of our company.
  5. Issuing of a storage certificate in the client’s name by the independent secure storage company. Our company does not issue storage certificates. Thus, there are no conflicts of interest.
  6. Personal pickup and shipping services via secured transportation anywhere in the world.
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Secure And Safe


Owning gold is a form of financial insurance, so you need to possess it in the safest way possible in order to reduce counterparty risk. That's why GoldBroker offers an alternative solution for investment and storage that eliminates any and all exposure to the risks associated with having intermediaries between investors and their precious metals, either at the level of ownership (direct) or storage (a storage account in your name). Our clients, as sole and unique holders of their precious metals, have full access to their stockpile and can withdraw it by going to the vault in person.

Your physical precious metal investment will be stored in the vault of your choice:


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United States of America

Malca-Amit's New York vault is conveniently located near John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport, and provides safe and secure storage for your precious metals.

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Opened in 2010, the Singapore vault is located at the Singapore FreePort complex, adjacent to Changi International Airport. It demonstrates that Singapore is doing all it can to profit from the movement of the gold market toward the East.

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Switzerland is the safest place in the world to store precious metals, not only because protecting foreign assets is an integral part of the country’s economy, but also because of its neutrality as a sanctuary throughout its history.

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The highly-secured Toronto vault has been designed specifically for the storage of precious metals. It’s located near the Toronto airport, which simplifies access to one’s gold or silver, as needed.

What Billionaire's Have To Say
About Investing In Gold

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Thomas Kaplan (over $2 billion invested in gold)

“People view gold as emotional, but when they demythologize it, when they look at it for what it is and the opportunity it represents, they’re going to say, ‘We really should own some of that.’ The question will then change to ‘Where do we get the gold?'”
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John Paulson (over $4.6 billion invested in gold)

“I view gold as a currency, not a commodity. It’s importance as a currency will continue to increase as the major central banks around the world continue to print money.”

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Eric Mindich (over $800 million invested in gold)

“Gold is poised to complete its 11th consecutive annual gain, the longest winning streak in at least nine decades, on the brink of a bear market.”

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Paul Tudor Jones (net worth of $3.3 billion)

“I have never been a gold bug, it is just an asset that, like everything else in life, has its time and place. And that time is now.”
trustTrustpilot Business Reviews Of Gold Brokers
TrustScore 9.2 out of 10
Emanuel B
1 review

5 Star Review
Published Thursday,
January 24, 2019

Great service

Really smooth process, very secure and very helpful staff which provided great insights in the investment decision and in the allocation of my budget.

5 Star Review
Published Monday,
September 4, 2017
I can truly recommend GoldBroker service. I started my investment in phisical metal eight month ago. Meanwhile buying and selling, transfer and withdraw funds. No problems at all. Sell orders executed in one day. I had made also a trip to the volt in Zurich. All tabs have correct numbers and seals corresponds to buy orders. So, trustworthy partner in this turbulent time.

5 Star Review
Published Thursday,
March 9, 2017
Excellent Service

GoldBroker provided excellent service that made the process easy. Very trustworthy and professional. Highly recommend.

5 Star Review
Published Thursday, January 12, 2017
A highly professional staff with excellent service.
Goldbroker provided a purchasing and storage combination I could not find with any other of the other bullion dealers. The courteous and knlowledgeable staff guided me through the process with sound advice and timely responses to all my questions. I am highly confident with my investment after working with Goldbroker.

5 Star Review
Published Friday, December 23, 2016
Excellent service

Incredibly helpful staff (Nicolas Gueydon), providing complete guidance and assistance throughout the whole process, from registering to the vault related process.
100% recommended.

5 Star Review
Published Saturday, September 17, 2016
GoldBroker rocks

Super service, very proactive

5 Star Review
Published Friday, July 8, 2016
Great Experience

Mitch Hochman showed me how to invest
in gold/silver. He is very patient and explains
things clearly. It is great doing business with
GoldBrokers and I hope to do even more in the
Gary R.

5 Star Review
Published Thursday, June 30, 2016


Very, complicated process made easy by your team.

5 Star Review
Published Monday, June 27, 2016
Highly Recommended!!

I had a great experience buying bullion at Gold Brokers. They were quick to reply to my questions and not only provided great service but also educated me about the market, history, and process.. They offer storage solutions and everything felt 100% secure. Im looking forward to working with them again!

5 Star Review
Published Thursday, June 23, 2016
Ultimate Solution to Bullion Investment

This is probably the best platform for bullion purchase and storage. The prices of gold and silver are very competitive and their premiums are lower than any other dealer I have visited. Mitchell is a professional and dedicated broker. Despite no face-to-face meeting or phone call, he promptly responded to all my requests and communication with him was always hassle free. Vault storage service by Malca-Amit is reasonably priced and does not require much paperwork. Four storage locations are available on the site, including the perfectly secure Singapore Freeport.

Published Thursday, March 31, 2016
First class service

Everything you need to be reassured when first steps, very rare follow up and quick replies to all your questions. Serious and clear. Beyond my expectations indeed.

5 Star Review
Published Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Very satisfied with the service

I am very pleased with the service I have received from Gold Brokers. I've been dealing with Mitch and he is very dedicated to his job and customers. I am not very good with a computer and it amazes me how much patience he has with me. There is never any pressure and he has certainly changed my opinion about people from N.Y.C.. I don't think it would be possible to find a better company to deal with.
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